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Zend Framework Poster

If you are developing applications in PHP and if you use the Zend Framework, then this information will certainly be interesting for you.

Find Zend Framework poster of the poster size A0, covering at a glance the three topics: Controller Application, Validation & Filters and View & Layout.  This poster features the main method calls as well as the arguments and views are represented, so that is worth to take a look for the office wall in the future…

The posters are available for free from Mayflower GmbH, if you fill out the form:

I already order one about two weeks ago and I got it today.

Here you can see how it looks on my wall:

Zend Framework Poster
Zend Framework Poster

How to easily add tvitter widgets on your site

Tvitter is so popular today. I honestly use it just for that. But many people are in it to recognize a good idea and know how to use it. As a developer the first thing that interested me is the API ( that comes from Tvitter. By the way, I found very interesting widgets that are easy to use and can easily be placed on your site.

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